Upper Room GUV

Fight back against Airborne Pathogens, such as Covid 19, Flu Virus, and the Common Cold.

Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures are recognized and recommended by the CDC, WHO, EPA, and ASHRAE as effective solutions for the mitigation of airborne Pathogen transmission.

These trusted fixtures have been successfully used to control the spread of airborne Pathogens, including viruses and bio-aerosols in hospitals, schools, prisons, healthcare environments, office buildings, and government buildings, just to name a few.

Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures are designed specifically for safe, continuous air disinfection, which helps clean the air in occupied spaces. The determination of the ideal Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures for your situation is based on the Volume and square footage of the room and intended use.

How is occupant safety assured?

Occupant Safety is assured through a Trained Technician Commissioning Process. A review of the GUV fixture installation and measurements of eye level UV irradiance standing, seated or on patient level taken before the fixtures are turned on for fulltime use. This is done with high resolution UVC Radiometer readings. Ongoing Certifications are completed to ensure the safety and mitigate any unintentional UV exposure.  The Commissioning Process follows International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygientists (ACGIH). When Commissioning for safety, it is important that the level of UV-C in the occupied space remains below accepted levels as readings are taken throughout the room. The only way to capture such readings is with a properly calibrated light meter with a UV-C specific detector and with adequate accuracy (precision and bias) to measure levels < 0.40 µW/cm2.  This will ensure that ICNIRP and ACGIH Standards are achieved, making your space safe for occupency.

Below are just a few photo examples of different types of Businesses that are currently using Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures.  This will help to mitigate the spread of deadly Pathogens.  Keeping Employees, Clients and Patients safe in their buildings.

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Understanding GUV (Germicidal Ultraviolet)

GUV Fixtures can be used to reduce the concentration of infectious particles in a space. GUV radiation penetrates the cell wall to disrupt DNA in bacteria, as well as RNA and DNA in viruses, to prevent both from reproducing and causing infection.

As room occupants breathe, they expel air and, along with it, potentially infectious Pathogens.  These expelled Pathogens travel on air currents within the space. As air mixes within the space, the Pathogens travel to the upper portion of the room where they are inactivated by the Upper Room Air GUV. These Fixtures may deliver air cleaning benefits comparable to the most efficient ventilation systems. Occupants are unlikely to notice the presence of Upper Room Air GUV systems but can enjoy greater peace of mind and better health.

Upper Room Air GUV
Upper Room Air GUV
Upper Room Air GUV