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Protect Your Patients Against Airborne Pathogens with Upper Room Germicidal UV (GUV) Fixtures

Kill up to 99.9% of microbial contaminants using the power of ultraviolet light.1 2

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Fight back against Covid-19, Flu, and the Common Cold with our safe and effective Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures today.

Upper Room Air Germicidal UV (GUV) Fixtures are recognized and recommended by the CDC, WHO, EPA, and ASHRAE as effective solutions to manage airborne pathogen transmission.

Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures use ultraviolet-C (UV-C) energy and have been successfully used to control the spread of airborne pathogens thanks to a process called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). UVGI is recommended by the CDC as part of a layered approach to reduce the transmission of viruses including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The virus responsible for COVID-19 is highly transmissible and researchers have studied the use of Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures to reduce the spread. According to a 2020 feasibility study, SARS-CoV-2 is highly likely to be damaged by the UV-C energy used by the Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures. Researchers conclude using these fixtures can help reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, especially in confined and poorly ventilated spaces.3

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Office with device mounted
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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures Can Help Reduce COVID-19 Transmission*

*Beggs CB, Avital EJ. Upper-room ultraviolet air disinfection might help to reduce COVID-19 transmission in buildings: a feasibility study. PeerJ 2020;8:e10196

These proven and trusted fixtures have been used in:

  • Ambulatory care clinics
  • Outpatient surgery centers
  • Other healthcare clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Government buildings
  • Office settings
  • Schools
  • Restaurants

Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures are designed specifically for safe, continuous air disinfection by using UV-C energy which is less damaging to humans than UV-A and UV-B wavelengths. This method is made even safer for use by specifically targeting the upper areas of the room which reduces direct exposure to those occupying the space.

UV-C wavelengths clean the air in occupied spaces by killing airborne pathogens making them ineffective at spreading disease to others in the area. When people breathe, talk, cough, and sneeze – all the aerosolized pathogens enter the surroundings and oftentimes stay and linger in the room, for hours in many cases.

If a room has high traffic or typically has a lot of people in there at one time, these aerosolized pathogens have a high likelihood of spreading to others. This is especially true if the room tends to be filled with people who may be sick, such as a doctor’s waiting room, emergency department, or other healthcare settings.

When Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures are implemented – those aerosolized pathogens circulate up into the UV-C field by way of a fan or HVAC system and are subsequently destroyed.

Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures are even more important if a building has less than ideal circulation due to an aging HVAC system or inefficient air handling systems. They’re also ideal when natural circulation via open windows and doors are not appropriate due to weather or clinical setting.

Compared to traditional HVAC and clear air ventilation systems that produce 6-12 air changes per hour, Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures have been shown to produce the equivalent of up to 24 room air changes each hour. And unlike traditional HVAC systems that can be loud and disruption – Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures are quiet, safe, and effective.

The determination of the ideal Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures for your situation is based on the volume and square footage of the room and intended use. Our professional and certified technicians will do a thorough risk assessment of your space and determine the needs and size of Upper Room Air GUV Fixture required.


Ensuring Your Safety

Occupant Safety is assured through a Trained Technician Safety and Irradiance Commissioning Process. This is done with high resolution UV-C Radiometer readings. Our technicians follow the engineering specification for installation in your room space.

Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures have been used for over 70 years and while UV-C wavelengths do not penetrate as deeply as UV-A and UV-B wavelengths, ensuring proper height is a crucial step to ensuring the safety of your patients and staff.

In addition to the initial risk assessment, you can feel confident in the safety of our Fixtures thanks to routine visits for assessment to meet our standards for Ongoing Certifications. The Commissioning Process follows the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) guidelines.

We capture UV-C readings with a calibrated light meter with a UV-C specific detector and with adequate accuracy (precision and bias) to measure levels < 0.40 µW/cm2. This ensures ICNIRP and ACGIH Standards are achieved, making your space safe for occupancy.

Here are a few examples of different types of businesses currently using Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures. As you can see, they are used in a wide variety of spaces and sizes, are unobtrusive and seamlessly blend with any aesthetic.

Additional Information About Upper Room GUV (Germicidal Ultraviolet)

Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures are used to reduce the concentration of infectious pathogens in a space. Although UV-C wavelengths are considered less penetrable than UV-A and UV-B, the radiation used in UVGI is able to penetrate the cell wall of airborne pathogens to disrupt DNA in bacteria as well as RNA and DNA in viruses.

By doing this, the pathogens are destroyed, preventing the reproduction of the virus and the ability to further infect others in the room.

Ultraviolet light has been shown to be an effective microbial mitigator. Studies have found ultraviolet light kills up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens, including coronavirus, in a matter of minutes in many cases.1 2

As your patients breathe, they expel air and along with it, potentially infectious pathogens. These expelled aerosolized pathogens travel on air currents within the room. As air mixes within the space, the pathogens travel to the upper portion of the room where they are targeted and inactivated by the ultraviolet light emitted by your Upper Room Air GUV Fixture.

These fixtures may deliver 2 to 4 times more air changes per hour for additional air cleaning benefits compared to the most efficient ventilation systems without the hassle of replacing an entire HVAC system which can be costly and not guaranteed to provide sufficient air handling.

With Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures, you and your patients are unlikely to notice their presence, but can enjoy greater peace of mind and better health.

If you’re a clinic owner in Florida and ready to elevate your clinic’s safety, contact us today at (855) 468-8820 for a free consultation, risk assessment and quote!

Upper Room Air GUV
Upper Room Air GUV
Upper Room Air GUV


Before You Buy…

Do you offer a discount for bulk purchases?

  • Yes, at this time, we are offering Free Installation and Irradiance Safety Testing and Commissioning.

Does the government, or insurance companies reimburse for UV-C fixtures?

  • Generally, insurance providers or government agencies do not reimburse for UV-C fixtures, however you may be eligible for a capital purchase tax-break. We recommend you consult with your tax professional.

What’s a typical cost?

  • Pricing is as low as $999.00 per Upper Room Air GUV Fixture that would service a space that is up to 150 square feet with, a ceiling height no higher than 9 feet.


Safety and Usage

Are all lamps that produce UV-C radiation the same?

  • No. UV-C lamps vary in composition, irradiance strength, nanometer wavelength, length of life expectancy, quality, and location of manufacturing (made in the United States or overseas).  Composition varies from several Mercury Vapor options and LED sources.  Strength determines the irradiance output which is directly related to the effectiveness.  Mercury vapor lamps can last for one to two years.  LEDs can last for several years, however do not have the ability to irradiate pathogens successfully at distances beyond 24 to 36 inches. All of our products offer the best composition and strength, and are made in the United States.

Are the UV-C fixtures safe?

  • Yes. Our UV-C fixtures are certified, tested, passed safety inspection, and have received UV Risk Level Assessment from InterTech Labs, a Nationally Recognized Test Lab, following all Underwriters Laboratory Specification for these devices.   Along with the Certification of Safety after installation we follow Irradiance level testing standards determined by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH).

Can my patients be in the room while the UV-C fixtures are on?

  • Yes.  These fixtures are specifically designed to be used in occupied spaces.

Do the UV-C fixtures need to be turned-on all the time?

  • Yes. Germicidal UV Irradiance only works when the lamp is energized.

Do these really work?

  • Yes.  These Upper Room Air GUV Fixtures have been used for well over 60 years in the fight against tuberculosis and other pathogens.  The CDC, WHO, FDA, EPA, and ASHRAE, and The Office of the President of the United States all recommend the use of these germicidal UV fixtures for occupied spaces to eliminate airborne pathogens. There are many independent third-party lab tests that validate the effectiveness of these fixtures.

What safety precautions should be taken when using germicidal UV?

  • These units do not produce noticeable heat. However, Germicidal UV can kill plants if they are placed within the irradiance zone in the upper area of the space.

Other than disinfection, do the fixtures have any other benefits?

  • If your space has been disinfected, you may benefit from less employee sick days and also may persuade past customers to come back to your business feeling safe again.  You may also advertise that you are taking additional steps to ensure a safe and healthy business to increase your business bottom line.

Is UV-C a better solution than comparable disinfecting products and techniques?

  • Yes. Germicidal UV is automatic, with no need to have any employee perform a task to disinfect.  They remain on 24 hours a day, constantly disinfecting your space.  There is no odor, no residue, nothing to wipe off after a spray disinfectant.  Our fixtures will achieve the same results constantly without the human element that may augment the process.



Do I need to be present during the installation?

  • No. We can work in facilities after hours and on weekends, so we do not disrupt your daily operations.  We have trained technicians that will do the install, irradiance level testing, and training of your staff.

How do you determine the square footage that one UV-C lamp will cover?

  • We not only look at room square footage but also room volume.  Ceiling height is important when determining the proper size and if necessary, and the number of fixtures to go in a space.  For any Upper Room Air GUV Fixture to work properly a specific amount of Germicidal UV Irradiance must be present in the upper area to be effective against most pathogens.

How long does the installation take?

  • On average one fixture can take up to one hour to Install and perform the irradiance level testing



Do the lamps need to be cleaned routinely?

  • No. However the Germicidal UV Lamps require replacement annually and at that time we inspect the power supply, power cord, internal switches, baffle, and parabolic reflectors.  We will thoroughly clean the unit from dust and replace the old lamp at this time.

How much maintenance do the fixtures require? Am I responsible for it?

  • None. This is not a pat on the back, but we believe so strongly that we have one of the best products on the market that we give a Lifetime Warranty on all parts of the Fixture (excluding the consumable Germicidal UV Lamp). Our Lamps come with a complete One-year Warranty.